The "Sara Eltang" line of pipes

The purpose of the Sara Eltang line is to introduce a brand of affordable and well smoking pipes that falls within the level of quality my workshop represents.
The design and engineering of the pipes will have the same level of attention as you will find in any of my “Eltang”-pipes. However, the grain might not be quite as perfect and the shapes will not demand hours and days of handcarving.
I will use hand finished acrylic mouthpieces on all Sara Eltang pipes.

All Sara Eltang pipes is made in my workshop and they are all finished by me. Often I make the pipes from start to finish, but sometimes I get help in the initial phase of the production.

The Sara Eltang line gives me the freedom to play with new design- material- and construction idea’s without loosing my investment in time and materials. Therefor you will find classic shapes alongside with more experimental work under the Sara Eltang brand.
One of my daughters has given name to the brand…

The production of the “Sara Eltang” pipes are not as consistent as the production of my “Eltang” line of pipes which in reality means, that there will be periods (sometimes long ones) where no pipes are available.