My passion...

For more then 40 years, pipe making has been my life - my passion, and my daily income.

The main line of my pipes are known as “Eltang pipes”. Mostly “classic shapes with a twist” and a tendency towards the more elegant end of the scale. I put all my soul and labour into the design, engineering and finish of each of my pipes.

I have had many projects, collaborations and cooperations with other pipe makers, producers and resellers of pipes, throughout the years. 

Some of the more visual results of these activities will be the “Sara Eltang”-pipes, the “Gotang”-pipes (a cooperation with my good friend Gotoh) the “Former-Eltang" line (a cooperation with my good friend Hans “Former” Nielsen)

My latest project, the “Copenhagen Collection”  is a series of "old fashioned" shapes exclusively made for the largest B&M pipe shop in Denmark - “The Danish Pipe shop

I have stopped the detailed grading of my pipes many years ago. However, it has been necessary to come up with a way to mark extraordinary pieces…

If a pipe meets my (high) standards, it’s simply an “Eltang”. 
If a pipe stands out from my normal production it becomes a “Snail”.
Once or twice a year there will be a total outstanding piece. It could simply be due to a one-of-the-kind spectacular grain - or it could be an extraordinary piece made with extraordinary materials and techniques. Such a piece will I mark with an “M” (as in “Masterpiece”).